Birth Her Way


Birth Doula Support: Starting at $1,500

I provide unwavering support for pregnant people in the Wilmington area as they navigate their pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum experience and hold space for them as they make the transition into parenthood. This includes 2-3 prenatal meetings to discuss your rights in childbearing, pregnancy and birth options, comfort measures during labor, birth prep, postpartum support and planning, and other measures to help you have the labor and birth experience you desire. As your doula, I will help you gather the information and research needed so that you can make informed decisions about you, your care, and that of your baby. I provide in-person support during labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum. I will also meet with you postpartum to help you process your labor and birth experiences, assist with breastfeeding and newborn feeding, and to provide emotional support.

Postpartum Doula Support: Starting at $35/hour

Postpartum doula support looks different for everyone. My intention is to aid and assist you in meeting your goals and objectives by providing support and help with your postpartum recovery, nourishment, breastfeeding and infant feeding, and household management.

Private Childbirth Education: Connect for rates and investment

Childbirth education and preparatory classes help pregnant people and their partners prepare for their labor, birth, and postpartum experience by providing unbiased evidence-based information. I take a whole-person approach that dives into what happens with birthing bodies physically but also the emotional transitions that come with entering parenthood. This series of private sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and may include (but is not limited to) the following topics: your rights as a childbearing person, anatomy and physiology of the pregnant person, fetal positioning during pregnancy and labor, progression of labor stages and signs, how partners can be help the laboring person, transitions within the family and at home

Group Childbirth Education Classes: Connect for rates and investment

Placenta Encapsulation and Remedies

Encapsulation and placenta services can be packaged or individually selected as preferred by the client.

  • Encapsulation Package, $275: capsules, smoothie, and salve
  • Encapsulation (Capsules) Only: $250


  • Colored placenta prints: $30
  • Placenta Broth: $5
  • Umbilical cord keepsake (dehydrated cord – no charge)

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about the support and services I offer or to set up a consult.

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