Positive Thoughts + Feelings = Positive Experiences

Positive Thoughts, Feelings, Experiences

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. This includes birth!

There is an incredible connection between the mind and body. During pregnancy, take the time to prepare your mind as you prepare your body for labor and birth. Check in with yourself. Build your confidence. Read uplifting materials. Engage with friends and family that are supportive of the vision you have for your birth. Filling your mind with good thoughts will lead to a manifestation of positive experiences.


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ok´sētō´sin: noun

Let’s talk. Oxytocin is a hormone that the human pituitary gland secretes for cervical dilation, during lactation (the letdown), positive social interactions, during orgasm and leads to an increase in bonding between people, increased trust, and decreased fear. And the pharmaceutical drug Pitocin does not affect the body in the same way. As noted by the doctor Michel Odent, one of the main differences is that Pitocin does not cross the blood-brain barrier, meaning Pitocin does not reach the brain and has no effect on behavior like the natural hormone oxytocin does. “The second difference is that the natural hormone must be released by pulsations in order to be effective. Intravenous injection is continuous; this [explains] why the doses of synthetic oxytocin must be comparatively high to be effective.” Your incredible body knows what it is doing during labor. Trust it. Trust yourself, and believe that you can birth your baby.

Source: Womb Ecology
Image Credit: Heather Cushman-Dowdee

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The What Is Connected To The – What Now??

Pregnant 17 y/o called today hysterical because she had swallowed her tongue stud. The reason for such drama? ‘Scared the baby might swallow it.’

Really? REALLY? It was Socrates, a Greek philosopher, who argued that we as people should ‘Know thyself.’ Know your body. Learn about how it works during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and later in life. You have a responsibility as a pregnant woman to educate yourself. Educating yourself helps YOU make informed decisions about your health, well-being, and the health and well-being of your child. Read! Ask questions. Take a class. No one can guarantee the outcome of your labor and birth, but you have to take it upon yourself to be prepared. And education is a vital part of preparation.


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Quote Source: Labor and Deliverance



Genetic Effects of Hardship

Wow – incredible! It’s already been proven that the stress a mother experiences during pregnancy does affect her birth outcome. A recent Wall Street Journal article points to studies that show how the metabolism of a fetus can be altered in response to events the mother experiences. AND these effects can be passed on to future generations. In other words, what a mother experiences during pregnancy and birth can affect her child on into adulthood.

So, take care of yourselves, mamas! It’s not just the physical stress — but emotional, situational, mental and more — that you should be aware of during pregnancy.

Read the complete article here.

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Video: Let’s Get It (Labor) Started

Maybe this will bring a smile to those of you that are approaching or have passed your “guess date,” as I like to call it. Remember that your estimated due date is NOT an expiration date. Waiting for your baby (or babies!) to come when ready and on baby’s timing ensures that your body is ready for labor as well. Watch, have a laugh, and be sure to read the caption.

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